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Welcome to Tompkins Time Traders!  Tompkins Time Traders (T3) is an organized exchange system serving all ages, through which members exchange Time Credits (TC).  The idea of this time bank is a community of neighbors helping neighbors.  One hour of service earns one TC, regardless of the service being provided.  Each person’s time and service are valued equally. Unlike traditional bartering, Time Bankers do not necessarily trade with one another. Rather, they provide a service to one Time Banker in return for a credit that can be redeemed from any other Time Banker. Time Trading is a concrete way to build equality, which builds stronger, more just and interconnected communities.

The T3 Member Handbook  is full of information on Tompkins Time Traders, our philosophy and how this who time banking thing works.  To download a pdf just click on Member Handbook.

Our vision is to have thousands of Time Bankers in the County, enabling one and all to access what they need without concern for having the cash to pay for it. We believe everyone has something to offer their neighbors, and hope that pockets of Time Bankers in the County will get to know and support their neighbors in new ways. This builds community resiliency and raises the standard of living for all.

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Time Banking and the Economy

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