Join Us

Joining Tompkins Time Traders is super easy! Just follow the steps below.

STEP 1. Apply online or Print and Mail

STEP 2. Read our Member Handbook

STEP 3. Get an Orientation. We will be doing online orientations after the application process is completed on a personal, as needed basis. Get in touch at or call 607-533-0315.

STEP 4. Login to your Tompkins Time Traders account. After orientation your account will be made active. You can also go to the Login tab at the top of this page. Once you’re logged in you can list offers and requests and connect with other members of T3.  For help with this website you can check out this Software Guide or click [HELP] whenever you are in the system for context sensitive help. At the bottom of each page you just click on [Contact Your Coordinator] or [Contact Tech Support] for additional help.