Always More

We can all give just a little more, right? By giving more, you are an active participant of the giving and receiving of the world. And the more you give, the more you receive. If you’re a Tompkins Time Traders member, thanks for all your help and support. Have I mentioned that we think our members are the best around!

Here are some simple ways you can stretch and do just a tiny bit more for Tompkins Time Traders and making it even more awesome, more successful, and more fun. And you’ll expand, learn, and grow yourself.

  1. Work the table at the upcoming apple festival in Ithaca on Saturday, October 3. It’s fun. Chit chat with other festival goers and share all the great things about Tompkins Time Traders. This is a winning combo of easy and fun!
  2. Offer more of your skills, talents, and experience to other Tompkins Time Traders. If we think about it, I bet we all have one or two more skills we can add to our list of offerings to members. Let’s spread our skills and talents!
  3. Join us at the monthly Meet & Eat. You could help set up or clean up. Or bring a tasty side dish or dessert to share. And hey, you”ll get a great meal too!
  4. Use your social media skills to let you friends, family, and acquaintances know about Tompkins Time Traders and just how wonderful it is. Don’t forget to mention that members are fantastic. This is quick and easy! 




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