Apple Time

Seriously, don’t you just love autumn? And nothing says autumn better than apples. Local apples are simply the best. I love apples! I love making (and eating!) homemade applesauce.

Tompkins Time Traders will be at the 33rd Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival on Saturday, October 3. We’ll have a table and we’ll be sharing all about our wonderful, very cool group and the wonders of time trading. Bring the family to the festival and stop by and visit us at our table to say hello. Or (better yet!) if you have some free time, we’re looking for members who will work the Tompkins Time Traders table and talk it up about Tompkins Time Traders. Tompkins Time Traders is one of the best groups around so that will be easy enough.

The apple festival will be super great fun! Everything apples and then some.  There will be more to do than you could possibly imagine–or fit into an afternoon.

If you’d like to volunteer at the table, contact Tompkins Time Traders. This is a perfect way to show your support for my favorite organization–Tompkins Time Traders.

And eat an apple today!




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