The Monoculture of Money

Here’s a great video about time banking and the monoculture that is our financial system today. ¬†Gwen Hallsmith of Central Vermont Time Bank talks about the issues of having only “one kind of money”. INHABIT – DIGGING DEEPER : Gwen Hallsmith Time Banking from Costa on Vimeo.

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Now is the Time to Trade

Don’t wait another minute (or second)!!! Get onto the Tompkins Time Traders web site and reach out for some time trading opportunities. Try something new. Or do some time trading that you’ve done in the past. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you and the other recipient. There are…

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Beautiful Babies

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our Tompkins Time Traders members who’ve welcomed new additions to their family this winter. Kartik and Alli Sribarra, along with three-year-old Khai, welcomed Selah into their family. While, Marshall McCormick and his wife welcomed Province into their family. This is the future generation of Tompkins Time…

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Best Fest

No one can doubt this. One of the many things Ithaca is known for is its music. Looking for a groovy way to enjoy some local music? Try the Ithaca Festival this year (May 28-31, 2015). And just your luck, Tompkins Time Traders will have a table at the Ithaca…

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Here’s What it’s All About

Here’s Tompkins Time Traders functioning at its best! Seth did some time exchange with Art: Splitting firewood. Take a look at the photos below. Aren’t they lovely piles of beautifully split wood?!!!! Here’s what Art said: “I had a great experience with Seth who did a really nice job splitting…

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The Only Handbook You’ll Ever Need

Handbook? What handbook, you may be asking yourself? The one and only. The not-to-be-easily duplicated. The very unique. Our very own……..Tompkins Time Trades Member Handbook. If you haven’t read it, carve out a little niche of time to do so. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn in this…

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The Best

Where do I start to comment about the GREAT, WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE, SUPER, FABULOUS, GRAND, SPECTACULAR birthday party celebration for Tompkins Time Traders held on April 12th? I guess the most important way to start is with a THANK YOU. A thank you goes to…………..everyone! Yes, everyone, who, in a tiny…

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We Celebrate Earth Day

Hold onto your hats! Earth Day is coming! This year will be the 45th celebration of Earth Day! It’s going to be epic! This Sunday, April 19 is the celebration of “Earth Day: Voices Past, Voices Present,” with festivities starting at 12 noon, at The Space@GreenStar, in Ithaca. So, get…

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Jump In

We at Tompkins Time Traders love all our members and encourage them to be as active as possible with Tompkins Time Traders. Here are some easy and clever ways to stay active and connected with Tompkins Time Traders. 1. Read the weekly email from Tompkins Time Traders. Don’t miss out…

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