DIY: Here’s How

You’re going to learn something new. Now, don’t run off. This is relatively easy. If you do a first-time trade with another Tompkins Time Trades member, you get an one hour trade incentive. Yes, that’s correct. Isn’t that groovy? This is an incentive to encourage members of Tompkins Time Traders to expand their horizons, reach out, and trade with other Tompkins Time Traders members with whom they have not traded with in the past. Incidentally, this is an AWESOME opportunity, so don’t waste another minute. Get out there and do even MORE time trading. But, a question/issue that often comes up is that members are confused on how to record the one hour trade incentive for a first-time trade with another member. So here it is:
How to record a trade incentive on the Report Hours page:
Did you provide or receive?  Provide
Enter the number of hours: 1
Select the exchange date: <select the date of the trade on the calendar>
To/from home many member: i
Lookup the member’s name: Tompkins Time Traders
Lookup the service category: Tompkins Time Trades Support; Trade Incentive
Leave a comment: <We recommend something descriptive like, “First time trade with John/Jane Doe”>
** Click Record Transaction**
Also, for us “visual folks,” see below for a screen shot indicating how to fill this in.

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