February New Member Orientation + Potluck

At the end of December did you make your New Year’s resolutions?   How is is going sticking with your intentions for the new year?  Establishing new patterns and habits can be challenging.  This is similar to joining Tompkins Time Traders, as this is likely a very different way of getting what you need and giving of yourself.


Here is a great article, http://zenhabits.net/two-simple-ways-to-form-new-habits-without-really-trying/ , with a positive approach to turning over a new leaf.  This idea is to gradually add the new thing instead of going whole hog.  The author gives the example of exercising. Instead of joining a gym and then feeling guilty for everyday your don’t go to the gym, think about exercising at home, going on a walk, a run or a bike ride and then congratulate yourself for every day you do exercise.

This same philosophy fits perfectly with joining Tompkins Time Traders.  When joining be patient and gentle with yourself.  Instead of setting a goal for X number of trades and feeling guilty if you don’t succeed, simply see how you can make one single trade.  Just one.  Chances are your involvement will grow and even if it doesn’t you can still know that you have positively contributed to Tompkins Time Traders and strengthened our community


What: February Orientation + Potluck

Where: Cornell University’s Hasbrouck Apartments Community Center, 121 Pleasant Road, Ithaca, NY.

This location is wheel-chair accessible.

When: Sunday February 2, 2014

Orientation: 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Potluck: 5:30pm – 6:30pm, remember to bring your own plates, utensils, etc…

Who for the orientation: all applicants and folks wanting to sign up.

Who for the potluck: members, applicants and anyone wanting to learn more about T3

RSVP: to info@tompkinstimetraders.net to let us know you’ll be there


Want to apply now?  Click HERE!

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