Happy 2014!


What, you may ask, does this image from Frank Capra’s 1947 classic, It’s a Wonderful Life have to do with the new year?  In this scene the Bailey family is signing Auld Lang Syne.  This song we usually hear on New Year’s Eve as the clock strikes midnight.

It’s a Wonderful Life is about one man seeing how many people he has touched throughout his life.  He wasn’t famous.  He wasn’t rich in money or material things.  He was a son, husband, father and friend.  He gave of himself to all of the people around him.  He offered what he had.  He always did his best.  He was rich in all that really matters.

I bet he would have been a great Time Trader.

Here’s to the New Year and to all of the people of our community.

Happy New Year Tompkins County!

Happy New Year Tompkins Time Traders!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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