Happy Kwanzaa

As Kwanzaa begins today and will continue until January 1, 2014 us here at Tompkins Time Traders are moved by the principles of this holiday.

Did you know there are 7 principles of Kwanzaa?

They are:

-Umoja for unity
-Kuchichagulia for Self Determination
-Ujima for work and responsibility
-Ujamaa for collective economics
-Nia for purpose
-Kuumba for creativity
-Imani for faith

A candle is lit each night for the principle of that day, and added to the candles lit for the previous nights.

Such a beautiful and simple holiday.  These are the things that really matter.


Poster for the Southside Community Center’s 2012 Kwanzaa Celebration.

The Southside Community Center has postponed their Kwanzaa celebration (due to the weather), but hopefully it’ll happen this year.  Check out their website, http://sscc-ithaca.org/, for more information.

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