Here’s What it’s All About

Here’s Tompkins Time Traders functioning at its best! Seth did some time exchange with Art: Splitting firewood. Take a look at the photos below. Aren’t they lovely piles of beautifully split wood?!!!! Here’s what Art said: “I had a great experience with Seth who did a really nice job splitting firewood. Plus we had some interesting conversations during his few breaks in a very productive 3 hours. Thanks Seth and I hope you can do this again sometime!”
I love this! This is community building at its very best. Not only did Seth split and pile firewood for Art, but they had some wonderful conversations during some breaks in the job.  See, this is what Tompkins Time Traders is all about! Share your time exchange story and photos with us! Art, thanks for sharing! Art took advantage of the trade incentive to share a story about this wood splitting and stacking trade with Seth and in return he received 1 time credit. I’ve included a happy face for Art and Seth! If you read previous blogs, you know I love happy faces. So I couldn’t resist including one in this blog post.

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