January Orientation + Potluck Highlights! (p.s. Photographers wanted!!)

WOW!  This was the best way to start the New Year.  We had an incredible turnout for the January orientation with 15 people in attendance.  The mix of members, applicants and people interested in learning more about trading time was delightful.


People talked about wanting to be a part of T3 because they:
-are open to possibilities of another way of living
-want to get more things locally
-seek an increased sense of community
-want to build a network amongst rural areas

Proposed offers included:
-dance instruction
-fire spinning

Expressed requests included:
-tutoring in English as a foreign language
-heavy lifts tasks around the home


Unfortunately the only photos taken were during the potluck and that wasn’t until near the end.  The conversation and food were so good (and I was on such an incredible natural high) that taking photos almost entirely slipped my mind.  Any time traders out there who want to earn time by photographing the monthly orientations + potlucks?
If so, email me at info@tompkinstimetraders.net.

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