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We at Tompkins Time Traders love all our members and encourage them to be as active as possible with Tompkins Time Traders. Here are some easy and clever ways to stay active and connected with Tompkins Time Traders.

1. Read the weekly email from Tompkins Time Traders. Don’t miss out on the up-to-the-minute news, including new members and new posts. The emails gets delivered on Fridays, so that’s one more thing that makes Fridays so spectacular.

2. Reach out and contact a new member, just to say hello, to welcome them to our very cool and fun organization, and to introduce yourself. Go ahead, show off your friendly side!

3. Read the blogs on this blog site often. Very, very often.

4. Submit a post with something you’re requesting. Many members have talents and skills they haven’t listed on the Tompkins Time Traders web site. There is a place on the web site to post an announcement. See, you can get what you wish for–just submit a post announcement.

5. Check out the web site regularly and poke around. If you go to the members section, you can read members’ profiles, which may lead to an exchange. Great “must-do” hint: Set aside Tuesdays and Thursdays to spend a little time on the Tompkins Time Traders web site.

6. Just get out there and exchange hours with other members.  It’s fun and a great way to build community and make friends. And who couldn’t use another friend or two?

7. Attend the monthly Meet & Eat, which follows the Group Orientation. You’ll meet other members and enjoy great food (sharpen up those cooking skills and bring a dish to share). You can also highlight to other members what services or goods you time trade. And hey, maybe you’ll meet someone really cool and start a new friendship.

Not a member? Join now. It’s easy. Then, you too can be part of Tompkins Time Traders, one of the best things the Ithaca area has going for it.

P.S. Did you know that Tompkins Time Traders has 142 members????? How wonderful!

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