Keep on Trading

Don’t put it aside. Don’t forget about it. Keep it in the forefront of your life. Think about it every day. Get involved with it. Get really, really, really involved with it. Volunteer some of your time. Think big. Do more and more time trades.

Yes, I’m talking about Tompkins Time Traders. As Halloween and Thanksgiving Day round the bend, we enter the holiday season. A time where we tend to get wrapped up in the wonderful holidays we’ll be celebrating over the next several months. We hope you enjoy these holidays, but please don’t neglect Tompkins Time Traders. We encourage our members to stay active all year long.

There is so much to Tompkins Time Traders. So delve in and explore all Tompkins Time Trades has to offer. Walk down the road toward a wonderful Tompkins Time Traders experience. The future of Tompkins Time Traders is bright and plentiful.

And tell a friend about Tompkins Time Traders. We love new members. (And we love our current members.)


Tompkins Time Traders: your path to fun and success.

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