Members Agree

Just a friendly reminder to Tompkins Time Traders members. Here’s the “official” Tompkins Time Traders Agreement. Kindly take a minute to read it.  As a Tompkins Time Traders member, I agree:

1. To undertake and request neighborly acts of kindness, caring and assistance with other members of the time bank.

2. To do my best and appreciate the best of others.

3. To hold Tompkins Time Traders Time Bank and the Board of Directors of Ithaca Hours harmless from any and all liability, actions, claims and damages of any kind, including those caused by and/or arising from negligence for injury to person or property.

4. To clarify all details of the exchange before commencing action with the exchange member.  I agree to negotiate when, where, how many hours and the cost of materials that may be involved in the exchange.

5. When the exchange involves services such as transportation, childcare, eldercare, plumbing, etc. it is the responsibility of the recipient to ascertain the provider’s competency and certification to his/her level of comfort.

6. To respect my exchange partner’s privacy and confidentiality, unless someone is in danger.

7. To be patient and calmly communicative, rather than critical; to provide all services with dignity, care and respect; and to be accepting of guidance and instructions.

8. When offering “child care” services, the member must be a licensed childcare provider.  All others must offer “babysitting” or “supervised playdates” services.

9. To decline an exchange at any time, including after it has commenced.  I agree to speak up if the exchange is not working for me as a receiver or provider and if I find the work beyond my skill or comfort level, to stop as soon as possible and notify my exchange partner.

10. To see exchanges through to completion.

11. To refrain from smoking in or bringing pets to an exchange partner’s home, unless invited to do so.

12. To maintain at least one OFFER and one REQUEST in Tompkins Time Traders Time Bank or to list myself as “currently unavailable.”

13. To attempt to resolve any conflict amicably with another member.  To refer any unresolved complaints conflicts or concerns to a Tompkins Time Traders coordinator who will help to refer you to appropriate community resource.

14. To have fun and share my experiences!

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