Mutual Credit

 We are Tompkins Time Traders. An organized exchange system, where members exchange Time Credits, not money.  It’s like a community of neighbors helping neighbors.  One hour of service earns one Timtime-banking-video-ithacae Credit, regardless of the service being provided.  With Tompkins Time Traders, each person’s time and service are valued equally. However, we’re not like traditional bartering. Rather, Time Bankers do not necessarily trade with one another. Rather, they provide a service to one Time Banker in return for a credit that can be redeemed from any other Time Banker. This video gives a brief and easy-to-understand overview of the Tompkins Time Traders process of mutual credits.

Tompkins Time Traders is a unique and wonderful organization in the Ithaca area. Be part of the Tompkins Time Traders circle! Join Tompkins Time Traders today and explore a whole new world of exchange.




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