School Bells

For many of us, it’s back to school time. Maybe you’re sending you child off to kindergarten. Or you son off to college in another state. Or maybe your daughter is starting her freshman year in high school. Perhaps you don’t have any children and the back to school rush doesn’t apply to you. Maybe you’re taking some college classes yourself, while working. Maybe you are a full-time college student at Ithaca College or Cornell University.

It’s a time of new beginnings. So let’s reach out to other Tompkins Time Traders in a new and fresh light. Let’s get a new and exciting perspective about trading our time and sharing with other members. And get trading, talking, and supporting each other. The easiest way to start is to say hello. Everyone loves a friendly hello. You can say hello to other members at the monthly Meet & Eat. And have a great meal. Can’t beat that.

Remember, Tompkins Time Traders members are the BEST! We hope to see you at the upcoming Meet & Eat. Cheers!



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