T3 is a part of our Community and Currency


The night of 18 March Cinemopolis was a hotbed of alternative currently. The SEEN hosted Community and Currency. The independent film Money and Life was screened, as well as a section of Fixing the Future that profiled Hour Exchange Portland (the time bank that so many others look up to with their over 1000 members).

Following the screenings T3 Kitchen Cabinet members Leslie Strebel and Margaret Soulstein participated in the panel discussion. Also on the panel were Danielle Klock (a T3 member) and Steve Burke representing Ithaca Hours and Scott Morris (also a T3 member).

We had a great time talking to folks who are interested in supporting alternative currencies.  What a great town we live in with so many folks working to build a more resilient community.

Thanks to Bob Rossi and the SEEN for including Tompkins Time Traders in this event.  Welcome to the SEEN members who’ve signed up to become Time Traders.



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