T3 named Roundoff organization for October!

Did you know that every month Alternatives Federal Credit Union selects an organization to be the Roundoff recipient?

Well, they do.  It means that folks can roundoff their deposits and withdrawals and give the change to that month’s organization.  T3 is the October 2013 organization!  We’ve been tabling regularly throughout the month, talking to folks, spreading the good news that the time bank is here.  A great big thank you to Alternatives Federal Credit Union for providing us this opportunity!  And thanks to all of our members who helped out with tabling shifts!

T3 at Alt Fed Credit Union

We had a great time talking with people at Alternatives. It’s surprising how many people wonder what they could offer.  It’s surprising because we ALL have something to offer. Whether you offer skills that you use at a job, hobbies, things that you do throughout your days that come to you easily or something you’re not a pro at but are wanting to give it your best the point is that you have things to offer.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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