Talk It Up

About Tompkins Time Traders, that is. We love it when Tompkins Time Traders members talk to other folks about our great organization. In fact, we encourage each and every member to freely and happily spread the word about Tompkins Time Traders. Share with others. Remember learning that in kindergarten?

Who can you share about Tompkins Time Traders? Basically, everyone and anyone. Your next door neighbor. The cashier at the grocery store. Your co-worker. Your pastor, priest, or minister. Your child’s school bus driver. Your mother. Your best friend. Your golfing buddy. You get the picture. Remember, the best advertisement is word of mouth. So get out there and talk about Tompkins Time Traders. Don’t waste another minute. Run to the phone and call your friend and share all about Tompkins Time Traders!

And, hey, don’t forget the Tompkins Time Traders Birthday Party on Sunday, April 12. This is a perfect opportunity to meet other members. Bring a friend or relative who might be interested in joining. And join us for some birthday cake as Tompkins Time Traders celebrates its second birthday. We really, really, really, really want you to be part of the celebration.

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