The Best

Where do I start to comment about the GREAT, WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE, SUPER, FABULOUS, GRAND, SPECTACULAR birthday party celebration for Tompkins Time Traders held on April 12th? I guess the most important way to start is with a THANK YOU. A thank you goes to…………..everyone! Yes, everyone, who, in a tiny or gigantic way, made it a super success.

That means all of the members and non-members who attended the party, those folks who planned the party, the people who donated prizes for the raffle, those of you who bought raffle tickets, the musicians, Bob Hutko and Eva-Maria Barnett and her band Brookton Bridge for such fun entertainment, the folks who brought food and beverages to share, those who set up before the party and cleaned up after the party, the photographers, Studio West for sharing their beautiful space with us, and more. I could go on and on and on and on. Let’s just put a GREAT, BIG thank you out to everyone!

What stands out most in my mind about this birthday party is the very special way of coming together as a Tompkins Time Traders community to celebrate. The conversations, the taking of photographs, the laughing, the caring, the sharing of food, the forming of friendships, the laughter, the reaching out to others in a friendly and caring way………it was all beautiful to experience. Isn’t Tompkins Time Traders the BEST? Aren’t you so, so glad you’re part of such an AWESOME group? What???!! Not a member? Oh, no! Join here.

Hey, did you notice how I once again casually snuck in a smiley face into this blog? I love smiley faces!







Thank you to everyone who helped to make our 2nd Birthday so AWESOME!!  From planning, set-up, food and drinks, music, birthday cake, more music, the raffle, photographing the event, providing cups and utensils, and clean-up, so many hands put in a lot of time.  This is what we love to see – everyone contributing what they can.

It was a delight to see all of the folks who came out.  Last sunday was a gorgeous day and we were thrilled by how many people came to be apart of the festivities.  Thank you again to our the musicians Bob Hutko and Eva-Maria Barnett and her band Brookton Bridge.

A special shout-out to Studio West for providing the wonderful venue.  We so appreciate being in your great space.

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