The Circus is coming to town – the Outreach Circus!

Hello Tompkins Time Traders!

We are so excited that the number of time traders has doubled recently and that there are so many interesting trades happening. Many thanks to each of you… we know that T3 is growing because you are reaching out to others to talk about what time trading means to you!

We want to learn from you so that each of us can better share our enthusiasm about time trading! Please join us for a fun and informal gathering that we are calling “Outreach Circus.” Instead of some stuffy meeting, this will be a chance to play and laugh and have fun while we learn together about ways that have worked for you to spark people’s interest in becoming a member of T3.

We hope to see you there!

DATE: Tuesday 23 July, 5:30-6:30pm
VENUE: Studio West, 516 West MLK Street, Ithaca.

All members who participate in the Outreach Circus will receive 1 TC (Time Credit). Also, with this hot hot summer weather cold beverages would hit the spot! If you bring a pitcher of iced herbal tea, etc. you’ll receive 1 TC. Please bring your own mug/cup.

All are welcome so bring your friends, neighbors and relatives!

No RSVP just show up ready for fun! Got questions? Email us at

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