The Only Handbook You’ll Ever Need

Handbook? What handbook, you may be asking yourself? The one and only. The not-to-be-easily duplicated. The very unique. Our very own……..Tompkins Time Trades Member Handbook. If you haven’t read it, carve out a little niche of time to do so. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn in this handbook.

I know we’re all busy and finding time to read a member handbook seems unreasonable and unattainable. But relax. The handbook is only 5 1/4 pages long. You can breeze through this in a matter of minutes. And you’ll gain valuable information about Tompkins Time Traders. Click here and start reading! You’ll be glad you did.

Topics include:

    1. What is Tompkins Time Traders
    2. What is Time Trading
    3. Core Values
    4. Guidelines for Good Negotiations
    5. How to Be the Best Trader You Can Be
    6. Zero Tolerance
    7. Giving Back


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