Time in a Bottle

We talk a lot about time. A lot. We need more time to get everything done that we need to get done. Some of us have too much time on our hands. We ask, “What time is it?” We’ve divided time into various increments–years, months, days, hours, seconds, and even milliseconds. Some want time to go faster. Many want time to slow down. We try to control and manipulate time, don’t we? Singer-songwriter Jim Croce wanted to save time in a bottle in his famous 1972 song, “Time in a Bottle.” Some say time doesn’t exist and that there is no past, present, and future. Yet time remains an elusive “thing” that humans can’t experience with our five senses. It’s not really an object, however, it’s not alive. So what is it?

At Tompkins time Traders, we’re all about time. In fact, we love time. It’s the basis of who we are. We exchange time. Each member’s time is equally valued. An hour of time, for example, is exchanged for another’s hour of time, for goods or services. We don’t barter and we don’t exchange goods or services and we don’t exchange money or tokens. We exchange time. This is a unique idea, especially in today’s modern and ultra-busy world.

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