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You may be wondering what types of services Time Bankers provide and receive, so we thought we’d start out by giving you some ideas! In reality, it’s limited only by one’s imagination. You can check out the offerings to get some ideas. Some Time Banks focus on specific needs, such as health care (rides to doctors’ appointments, running errands, providing companionship) or babysitting. T3 is open to all services.

Whether it’s help with your home or garden, repairs, rides, tutoring or service to not for profits, Time Bankers are ready, willing and able. Folks cook meals, provide body work, consult in areas of expertise, read to those who can’t for themselves, etc. Professionals who formerly offered pro bono work have expressed their desire to have the recipient pay it forward, so have replaced pro bono services with Time Banking. Our founders received Time Credits (TCs) for the work they did bringing Time Banking to the County!

The value of the service rendered is determined by mutual agreement by the two parties involved in the exchange. Typically, however, it’s based on the number of hours spent delivering that service.

We would like to hear about your innovative ways of giving and receiving, so that we can share them with our membership. Your ideas for running the most effective organization and for attracting new members are welcome anytime, too.

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