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Tompkins Time Traders members are innovative, interesting, creative, and smart folks! Outside of the Tompkins Time Traders realm, we’re doing all sorts of great stuff. We love life. And life loves us. Maybe that’s why we’ve hooked up with Tompkins Time Traders–to more fully experience the greatness life by “time trading” our skills and talents and receiving some beneficial services and goods.

Eric Banford gives a powerful “punch” with his words.

So, what are we up to these days?

Eric Banford’s article grabs the attention of Ithaca. Pick up a recent issue (vol 9, no. 19, March 9-15, 2015) of Tompkins Weekly and read Eric Banford‘s  front-page article, “City Plans Solar Energy Array,” on the City of Ithaca’s plans for a 2.4 megawatt solar array. Eric’s article is the feature article and gets prominent coverage. It’s right up front, not-to-be-missed–by anyone even glancing at the newspaper.

Hobit Lafaye captures the beauty of New York State through her creative and masterful eyes. Head over to Alternatives Federal Credit Union, 125 N. Fulton Street to see her photo display, “Shooting Water Studio: Photography by Hobit Lafaye.”  Her photographs will be up on display until March 30.  You can read about her show in the March 12, 2015 issue of Ithaca Times: click here! Hobit’s magnificent array of nature photography is termed “ethereal” by the Ithaca Times. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

Not a member of Tompkins Time Traders? Well, waste not a minute. Apply now. It’s a quick and easy process. And join the group of some of the most wonderful individuals in this area.

The Work of Hobit Lafaye

Hobit Lafaye captures the beauty all around her.



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